Role: Sr UI Visual Designer
Web App • Brand • Android Native App

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Replicon Timesheet App UI

Shown above is a screen of the Replicon Timesheet Application during the redesign and rebrand process. The application is infinitely configurable by enterprise HR Administrators, and able conform to HR laws of many different countries.

My role was as Sr UI Designer. I started the process by applying best practices in form design, visual eyepath feedback, visual pacing, and cognitive load basics, working closely with Engineering and the Co-CEO's.

In my time at Replicon I touched on the information architecture, the creative direction of the brand, the creative direction of the website, helped to hire a team of interaction designers, and maintained a visual asset library.

Shown above is a selection of screens of the Replicon brand guidelines during the redesign and rebrand process.

When I was hired, my role was as Sr UI Designer working on the product side, and not the brand marketing. But, UI design on product is intertwined with brand, and I have done a lot of work with branding. So, I ended up also helping the team push forward on creating a cohesive brand across their website, message, and brand.

I gave creative direction in the form of design rationale for many elements I thought we should use. I pushed for the persuation, trust elements in the website, the use of photo eyepath toward headlines, the use of a family of product icons and palettes, use of a logo where the mind fills in the missing ligatures for subtly keying into memorability. I recommended and brought in a designer I had worked with on the PayPal redesign, to lend his talents to the creation of the first styleguide.

As the guidelines evolved, the team worked to incorporate the new brand elements into a new iPhone app, web app, and a new Android time clock product.

Replicon TimeClock

Shown above is a screen of the Replicon TimeClock during the initial design process.

My role was as Sr UI Designer. I also took over some of the interaction design which was a team effort.

I created the layout, illustrations, and integration of brand elements as the rebrand occured simultaneously.

I incorporated UI changes based on user testing, and emerging best practices for Android and Mobile.

The TimeClock is tightly integrated to the Timesheet Application. The TimeClock was a new product that did not yet exist. The goal was to create a mobile kiosk style device that could take attendence securely, and show real-time results in the Timesheet and other parts of the application suite under development.

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